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Support Youth Transitioning Out Of Foster Care

Providing help with supported housing, education, employment, and personal & peer support!



According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, more than 3,000 children over the age of 14 statewide are currently in foster care. In Michigan, nearly 1,000 youth age out of the foster care system and into homelessness, and as a result, are in danger of exposure and/or involvement in crime, addiction, incarceration and sex trafficking. Most are under-educated and unemployed, with little hope of becoming gainfully employed due to the lack of education, experience and familial supports. Homeless youth are living on the street, “couch-hopping” or finding shelter in abandoned, unsafe structures. They may be panhandling or stealing to eat or procure shelter. They are prey to becoming victims of crime, or to become criminals themselves. According to statistics compiled by the Michigan State Police, about 22% of crimes reported in the state are committed by youth aged 18 to 24.

Youth aging out of foster care need a safety net that provides shelter and support services which will assist them in transitioning successfully into the community, seeking education, jobs, and social connections that will get and keep them stable and become contributors in the community in which they live, learn and work. That’s where River Jordan comes in. Your tax deductible contributions help us help transitioning youth to build safe relationships and find safety, education, employment and peer support!


Empowering current and former foster youth to take responsibility of their own individual lives and become productive members of society.